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Why should I use a Quilt Quote Calculator ?

Simply stated, the Quilt Quote calculator is the most time saving, lowest cost marketing tool for the custom quilting industry. It adds the opportunity to market yourself in ways other workshops can only dream of. Quilt Quote is a customizable calculator that creates new marketing opportunities to drive customers to interact with your quilting studio. This enhances the professionalism & options that your studio can provide for your customers.

We know from our own quilting experience that we spend a great deal of time with each customer in explaining all of the many options our quilting workshop offers. Within our quilting studio, we offer quilting motifs and the options of Thread colors, Batting, Backing, & Quilting services. There are literally millions of different combinations of these services possible. This is overwhelming to many customers, so we created this clean interface to enable them to be able to browse the options, and to discover for themselves the best options for their quilting project. They can browse the calculator at their leisure & manage their cost with every choice they make.

Using a Quilt Quote Calculator your Quilting Studio will:

  • Save Time & Increase your Productivity.
  • Increase your Customers Perception of the Professionalism of your Quilting Studio.
  • Increases your Marketing Opportunities.
  • Drives you Additional Customer Traffic & Satisfaction.

Your low membership cost can be recovered from the sale of less than one quilting service per year. There are also free versions available. Use this calculator on your Website, Face Book, Twitter, eBay, or Anywhere you market your quilt products. Quilt Quote can even be used as an in shop desktop printed quotation system. ( A special eBay compliant calculator available to Diamond members or above.)

In these days of competition in business, your competition may already use this service. Can you Really Afford Not to add Quilt Quote to your Studios Marketing Tools ?